4 channel Bruker WB 500 MHz solide state NMR spectrometer - ILV

Solid-state NMR has a good complementarity with diffraction measurements for the characterization of porous solids. The technique brings information about the local structure and dynamics in crystalline or amorphous solids, pure or in mixtures. It is also well adapted for the study of interfaces in porous solids and for the in situ or in operando following of dynamics phenomena.

Main technical features

Solid Bruker WB 500 MHz 4 channels NMR spectrometer

Console Avance

Solid probes: 4 mm H/FX, 3.2 mm HXY (with a range of inserts), 2.5 mm HFX, 2.5 mm HFXY, 2.5 mm HX, 1.9 mm H/FX

Sample preparation
Powder, crystals, films RT measurements, under air Ovens Isotopic labeling sometimes necessary (17O, 29Si, 13C, 2H)
Access conditions
Contact Charlotte Martineau-Corcos, responsible of the spectrometer