Scanning Probe Microscopy, AFM and STM

We have several AFM/STM microscopes allowing for surface characterizations in air or controlled environment (inert gaz, solution).

Specific skills of the group:

  • in situ characterization/monitoring of chemical and/or electrochemical processes at solid/solution interfaces
  • Magnetic imaging (MFM)
  • Tip induced patterning (local etching/deposit)   

Main technical features

3 commercial AFM :

Molecular Imaging PicoSPM,  Agilent 5500 Pico SPM,  Agilent 3000 Pico SPM

  • Contact or oscillating (AC mode) imaging mode
  • Environmental chamber (inert atm)
  • Open cells for imaging in solution/liquid
  • Optical camera for positioning
  • X, Y sample translation
  • 2 types of scanners:
  1. Large scanning range (90 µm x 90 µm) with max. vertical range of  8 µm
  2. Small scanning range (10 µm x 10 µm) with max. vertical range of 2 µm

Home-made STM

  • Imaging at constant current or height
  • Fast imaging
Sample preparation
Set-up for STM tip preparation
Access conditions
Access within the framework of scientific collaborations.