Respore is the Ile-de-France network in porous solids science. It brings together world-class teams in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, health, modelling and characterization of materials.

By bringing together communities from different families of porous solids, Respore wants to generate new scientific breakthroughs at the interface of the disciplines represented, and to create added value to meet the current societal challenges.

Porous solids represent a major issue within the scientific, technological and societal challenges that are renewable energies, environmental safety, and also health, biotechnology and industry. Allowing an active ingredient to reach the target organ, capturing CO2 in the presence of other gases by using green and sustainable chemistry materials, optimizing heat recovery or energy storage, are examples of applications made possible by porous materials.

Within Respore, scientists with diverse scientific backgrounds combine their efforts to develop new porous objects, and let emerge new, more environmentally acceptable properties, improve their performance thanks to a better integration of porous solids into systems, processes or formulations, overcome technological barriers to establish more efficient devices but also take into account life cycles and environmental impact.

Respore is a "DIM"

The Ile-de-France Region has a policy of supporting research networks in targeted areas: these are the Areas of Major Interest (DIM). The objective of DIMs is to strengthen the scientific influence of the Ile-de-France region and to make of it one of the most attractive regions on a European and international scale.

On 20 January 2017, the Île-de-France Regional Council officially approved 9 DIM for the period 2017-2020.

Respore is, after evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the Ile-de-France region, one of these projects deemed innovative, of excellence and of scientific attractiveness.