What is Respore ?

Respore is the Ile-de-France network in porous solids science.It brings together world-class teamsin the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, health, modelling and characterization of materials.  



International workshop "Interfaces"

Respore invites you to an interdisciplinary workshop "Interfaces" on Wednesday 18 April from 9h to 13h. Several...

Conferences on porous solids

Find here the list of conferences coming in the world of porous solids.
Calls for proposals

Call for proposals 2018-2 - Equipment

Respore launches its 2018 call for proposals for small, medium and large equipment. Projects carried by a member of...

Discussion Lavoisier 2018

Respore support this colloquium on Adsorption and Confinement Effects of Molecules in/on Nanotubes.

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Institut Galien Paris-Sud

1. Development of solid monolithic supports In-situ synthesis and anchoring of monoliths in microsystems (glass or PDMS). Development of


The laboratory is specialized in NMR instrumentation and methodology. In particular, in order to compensate for the lack of sensitivity of

The 5 axis of research

Three main thematic axes guide the work of the teams of the network. They are complemented by two transverse axes linked to the techniques

Calls for proposals

Respore's mission is to support breakthrough projects on porous solid science at the interface between several disciplines. Calls for


Respore is the Ile-de-France network in porous solids science . It brings together world-class teams in the fields of physics , chemistry ,