Industrial Partners Club

A club of industrial partners (large groups, SMEs, TPE) with an activity related to porous solids and their applications, is being set up.

This club will meet twice a year. The academic partners of the club will present their latest scientific progress. This will allow manufacturers to be aware of the latest scientific discoveries in their areas of interest

Opt-in to this club, after acceptance by the steering committee of the network, will be subject to payment of a membership fee.

The money raised will be used to finance, on one hand, research work (doctoral and post-doctoral allocations), which results will be available on demand to the industrial partners, and on the other hand, to finance the maturation of projects.

The human (students, young graduates ...) and material (technical platforms) resources of the members of the network will allow the industrial partners to have a privileged access to a pool of skills and equipment at the forefront in the field of porous solids.

For information on technology transfer, contact Margherita Balzerani.