Job offer

Industrial internship


Place : locals of ITP, 11 quai Conti, 78430 Louveciennes (~10% of time) - institute of porous materials of paris , UMR CNRS 8004 ENS, ESPCI, 10 rue Vauquelin, Paris 5e (~90% of time) - possible one-off trips to plan.


Duration : 6 months

Contacts :

  • ESPCI : Dr Christian Serre ( ; Dr Farid Nouar ( ; Dr Antoine Tissot (
  • ITP : Christian Geertsen (


Development of photonic dyes obtained by soft chemistry

Post Doctoral

Place : Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Paris, Collège de France, 75005 Paris 

Work start : Automn 2019 for one year

Contact : Dr Cedric Boissière - (send a CV and phone number)


Delivery vehicles of therapeutic gasotransmitters NO and H2S based on nanoporous materials


Place : Centro de Química Estrutural and at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular The work will be also developed in collaboration with CICECO - Aveiro Materials Institute and with IMAP -Institut des Matériaux Poreux de Paris.

Contact : 



3D Electrostimulable polymeric scaffolds for drug screening-applications


Place : The Institute of Materials (iMat) of the University Paris-Seine (Cergy-Pontoise)

Host laboratories : LPPI (Chimie des Polymères) and ERRMECe (Biologie)

Contacts :

  • Cédric Plesse (

  • Cédric Vancaeyzeele (

  • Johanne Leroy-Dudal (


Stability mapping of proteins involved in conformational diseases by nanopore technology

PhD - Thesis proposal

Fully funded thesis

Host laboratory : LAMBE / Biobank

Localization : Paris Region

Lieu : Région parisienne

Key Words :  Protein folding and stability, conformational diseases, single molecule, nanopores

Contacts :