Laboratory for Analysis and Modelling for Biology and Environment

Equipe Polymères Matériaux aux Interfaces
Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry, Time resolved and multi-techniques characterization

Challenges are to design, manufacture, and characterize new biomimectic nanopores, membranes, in order to understand the dynamics in confined medium from ions to biomolecules and particles. The translocation control is a crucial step  for upcoming applications, for examples, single virus particle detection with chip, ultra-fast peptides and proteins sequencing, biomarkers detection from single cell, conformational diseases. We study the ions, biomolecules, particules transport through nanopores as a function of confinement and the nature of the nanopore. We use an electrical detection method to perform experiments at single molecular level.

The malignant transformation induces perturbations in tissue architecture, modification of mechanical properties …, finally leads to metastasis formation. Mechanical measurements have gained increasing attention as novel biomarkers in the context of cancer diagnostic and prognostic. Our goal is to measure elasticity, adhesion force,   and tethers formation of cancer cells to characterize the invasive potential and to provide a mechanical signature of cancer. We will also study the porosity, elasticity, parameters on three-dimensional cell culture systems  for tissue engineering.

Axis 1: Biomimetic nanopores and nanotubes from fundamental to applications Axis 2: Biomechanical biomimetic systems and living cells


Nanopores Nanotubes Membranes Biomaterials Biomolecules Dynamics in confined medium Peptids Conformations Electrical detection Single molecule Self-healing gels Nanomechanics of cells Bio-functionalization Metastasis Single-cell force spectroscopy