Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée

Electrochemistry and thin layers
Renewable energies, Environmental sciences and Safety, Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry, Time resolved and multi-techniques characterization

The research axis developed in the group deal with molecular organization and/or interactions on surfaces and the building up of functional thin layers. One of our research axis concerns the growth and the study of MOF thin films onto surfaces. This recent activity relies on long lasting expertise of the group regarding surface functionalization (molecular grafting on silicon surfaces) and the development of characterization techniques and/or analysis tools allowing ex or in situ investigations of processes on surfaces: optical spectroscopies (FTIR in ATR geometry, RAMAN, UV-Vis), XRD, AFM, SEM...

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Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Surface functionnalization Thin films Molecular grafting Growth Reactivity Molecular organization Interactions on surfaces Surface chemistry Structural properties