XRay characterization Plateform DIFFRAX

DIFFRAX is a pluridisciplinary plateform aiming at sharing the equipments and skills of 4 laboratories at Ecole Polytechnique (PMC, PICM, LSI, LCM), for XRay structural characterizations.

The activities of the plateform organized around 3 axis :

1. Diffraction on polycrystalline materials (powder, bulk)

  • Identification of crystalline structures,
  • Study of crystalline defects (crystallites size, nature of the defects)
  • Quantitative phases analysis in mixtures (crystalline or amorphous)
  • Resolution of crystallographic structures on powder

2. Thin layers characterization :

  • Surface diffraction (GIXRD)
  • Reflectometry (XRR)
  • Small-Angle Scattering (SAXS)
  • Texture analysis

3. Resolution of crystallographic structure of single crystal.

Main technical features

X’Pert PANalytical Diffractometer

  • Cu source, BraggBrentano configuration,
  • Analysis of powder or polycrystalline bulk  samples

Bruker High Resolution D8 Discover Diffractometer

  • Cu source, 4 circles goniometer
  • Thin layer or surface analysis (GIXRD, XRR, RSM …)

Philips PW1130 Diffractometer 

  • Cu source, 4 circles goniometer optimized for Reflectometry (XRR) and Small-Angle Scattering (SAXS) measurements

ENRAF Nonius FR590 Diffractometer

  • Mo Source, 4 circles goniometer, Kappa CCD, graphite monochromator, liquid nitrogen cryostat
  • Structural resolution of single crystals

Future equipments (available in 2019)

  • Diffractometer(s) with modules for in situ or in operando measurements (T° , environmental chambers) 
  • In plane Diffraction

Sample preparation

  • Powder: manual crusher, automatic mortar, planetary crusher.
  • single crystal : stereomicroscope (in air or under glovebox) for mounting on Kapton loop.
  • Capillary preparation

Access conditions

  • Access within the framework of scientific collaboration with groups of PMC, PICM, LSI or LCM laboratories.
  • Financial participation for external partners for the maintenance of the equipments.   


Sandrine TUSSEAU-NENEZ, sandrine.tusseau-nenez@polytechnique.edu

Marie CORDIER, marie.cordier@polytechnique.edu