FTIR Spectroscopy

We have two commercial spectrophotometers (BOMEM MB Series et Bruker EQUINOX 55) each equipped with home-made and specifically designed external module allowing for high sensitive ex and in situ measurements in ATR mode.

We have developed a quantitative analysis method based on the calibration of the absorption intensity from absorbance measurements of solution, which allows for the determination of the composition of thin layers with sub monolayer sensitivity.   

Caractéristiques techniques principales

  • Measurement in transmission
  • Measurement of powder
  • Homemade external ATR module with optimized optics and optical path for optimal sensibility
  •  Possibility of ex and in situ measurements under controlled environment (gaz, liquid,T°, P…) and/or under external stimuli (light, Electric field…)

More information

Sample preparation
Preparation of prisms (Si, Ge) in the lab for the measurements in ATR mode.
Access conditions
Access within the framework of scientific collaborations