Solid-State Chemistry and Energy group

Renewable energies

The Solid State Chemistry and Energy laboratory (UMR8260) was created in 2013 and is part of the Institute of Chemistry at the Collège de France. The lab, headed by Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, is composed of 22 members including 4 permanent researchers and 18 PhD students/postdoctoral researchers. The laboratory is also part of the French network on electrochemical energy storage and conversion (RS2E), created in 2011 by the ministry of research and the CNRS.

The UMR8260 is dealing with fundamental and applied researches on energy conversion and storage devices, subject of prime importance for matching the increasing demand for storing renewable energy. Hence, our activities are focusing on :

  1. designing new materials for Li-ion, Na-ion, Metal-air or fuel/cells electrolyzers

  2. developing new “green” chemical synthesis routes

  3. understanding the reaction mechanisms governing the aforementioned electrochemical systems

The final goal is to increase the performances of secondary batteries as well as electrocatalysts for water splitting. Our research is therefore aiming at exploring new paths, at the intersection between several fields, hence asking for close collaborations with theoreticians, biologists and others. For that, we couple together fundamental with applied researches in order to transform matters to make it useful solid for practical applications that will satisfy our society needs.

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