Professor, Director

Throughout my career my research has focused on the synthesis, characterization, and determination of structure/property relationships of electronic, superconductor and rechargeable battery materials for solid state electronic devices. My activities were initially devoted to the discovery of new superconducting materials to minimize energy transport losses and for the last twenty years they have switched towards the investigation of new electrode materials to enable the development of highly performing battery systems for both electric vehicles and grid applications. Presently my research interests deals with

  1. the structural design of new high voltages insertion materials together with the search of new Li reactivity mechanisms,

  2. the mastering of interfaces,

  3. the development of novel eco-efficient synthesis processes including inorganic and organic electrode materials
  4. the exploration of other chemistries beyond Li-ion such as Na-ion, Li-air, Li-S and redox flow batteries.
Solid state chemistry Structure/electronic properties Electrochemistry Synthesis