Institute of Porous Materials of Paris (IMAP)

Renewable energies, Environmental sciences and Safety, Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry, Time resolved and multi-techniques characterization

The Institute of Porous Materials from Paris is a new laboratory created end of 2016 between Ecole Normale Superieure and the Industrial Physics and Chemistry engineer school (ESPCI). The team is built up from 4 permanent staff members: two CNRS researchers, one CNRS research engineer and one laboratory assistant from ENS.

The group’s activities are focused around

  1. the design and characterization (structural, physico-chemical) of new functional and robust porous hybrid solids (MOFs),
  2. their scale-up and shaping under green conditions
  3. their potential applications in energy, environment and health
Synthesis Structural characterization Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Gas capture Separation Sensing Catalysis Biomedecine Energy

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