Assistant professor

The project aims at exploring a new approach for biomacromolecules detection. We will combine nanoMOFs (Metal Organic Framework) with a biological or solid state support to obtain a single nanopore, to develop new tools for real-time detection of target molecules with low concentration (fM). The basic idea is to drive a single biological polymer through this MOF nanocage that forces its constituents to pass in sequential order, and then would be identified. The interest and the need to functionalize the nanopores, to obtain biomimetic stimuli-responsive, to avoid unspecific adsorption or to study transport properties will be address by using the nanoMOFS. Developing new tools to assemble  personal biological catalogues, will enable us to figure out what part these molecules play within the labyrinth processes that make up a functioning human.

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Nanopores