Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay

Team "Cage nanoparticles and hadrontherapy"
Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry

ISMO is an internationally recognized Institute, with an interdisciplinary background. Different domains are studied, at the frontiers between physics, chemistry and biology. More particularly, the team “Cage nanoparticles and hadrontherapy” conceives novel nanoparticles to treat severe diseases including cancer and infections resistant to treatment. The team engineers core-shell nanomedicines  in which drugs can be (co)incorporated, and studies the in vitro/in vivo fate of these supramolecular edifices; 

Some of the nanoagents are designed to improve specifically the effects of advanced radiation therapies, proton and hadrontherapy in particular (medical techniques based on the use of fast protons or carbon ions as radiation beams).  The use of these nanoagents is expected to open perspectives of theranostic (improvement of tumor diagnosis and treatment using the same compounds).


Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Polymers Cyclodextrins Nanoparticles Proton and hadrontherapy Radiosensitizers Drug delivery Theranostic "Cage" molecules

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