Calls for proposals

Call for projects 2020 - Technology Transfer


Respore launches its Technology transfer call for projects for 2020.

Two types of initiative are eligible for this call:

  1. Initiatives that have, after some preliminary results, showed a strong potential for technology transfer. The aim is to confirm this potential.
  2. Projects based on a technology protected by the filing carried out or in the course of an application or several patents. The aim is to develop this technology.

The project leader must be identified as a member of Respore. Partnerships outside of DIM are possible.

The evaluation of the projects will be carried out by the members of the network valuation committee and by external valuation experts on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Degree of project maturity,
  • The scientific and / or technical quality of these results
  • The technological and societal potential of the project
  • The feasibility of the project
  • Accessibility of IP.

Co-financing is recommended. It may come from start-ups, Smes and TPE or another structure (SATT, other DIM, trusteeship, etc).

A strategy or business plan of the project is expected.

Download the conditions and the response form to the call for projects below and on the dedicated platform.

Calendar :

Closure of the depot platform on July 27, 2020.

CAUTION: Extension of the deadline for submitting projects to 15 October 2020, midnight, on the platform.