Calls for proposals

Call for Proposals 2018-3 Technology Transfer


Respore launches its Call for Proposals 2018 Technology Transfer to support the transfer of technology from the network's laboratories to start-ups or other companies.

Are eligible for this Call for Proposals initiatives that have, after some preliminary results, showed a strong potential for technology transfer. Support will take the form of the funding of the salary of an engineer or postdoctoral fellow over a period of 2 to 6 months, of a trainee, a half-thesis cofunded by an industrial partner, a small equipment or even a freedom to operate study.

The evaluation criteria are the following :

  • Progress of preliminary research work
  • The scientific and / or technical quality of these results
  • The feasibility of the project
  • The planned plan of progress of the project

Download below the conditions and the forms of response to the call for proposals (in French, English version on demand).

Letters of intent and projects must be submitted on the dedicated platform.

Calendar :

Deadline for submission of a letter of intent: June 15 at midnight

Deadline for submission of projects: July 15 at midnight

Auditions of selected project leaders: September

Publication of results: End of September