Conference about biosupramolecular assemblies


Emerging function from biosupramolecular assemblies Department of Organic chemistry, NCCR Chemical Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Life is orchestrated by biomolecules interacting in complex networks of biological circuitry. An overarching goal in our lab is to integrate progress in the area of DNA-based circuitry and templated reactions into chemical biology applications and ultimately design programmable systems that can recapitulate characteristic functions of living systems. Several  stepping stones towards this goal will be presented with self-assemblies that respond to environmental cues and lead to a chemical transformation output. A significant portion of this work is leveraged on Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA) which are endowed with attractive properties for this endeavor as they are more robust and form more stable duplex than  their natural counter parts.

Place: Collège de France, Salle 5

Date: Tuesday 13 november 2018, 11:00 AM.