800 MHz widebore NMR spectrometer Equipped with liquid/solids/micro-imaging capabilities - Bruker avance III HD

800 MHz widebore NMR spectrometer for solids, liquids and micro-imaging.

Dynamic nuclear polarization for solid-state NMR applications using a 523 GHz gyrotron.

Dissolution DNP experiments are possible through either a 6.7 T or a 9.4 T polarizer.

Main technical features

All technical details (in particular availbale probes, etc) can be found at the following link.

Access conditions 

Access to the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer is granted through the CNRS national facility “Infrastructure de recherche en RMN” (IR-RMN), through which 100 days per year are allotted to users outside of the “structure and dynamics of biomolecules” team of the LBM.

Interested users should write a description of their project, which is readily sent to reviewers and usually evaluated within a few days. A maximum of two weeks of spectrometer time can be assigned to each project. Application are made through the dedicated website (http://ir-rmn.fr/presentation/lbm-ens-paris).

The NMR platform is open to all academic et industrial users.