RAMAN Spectroscopy - Witec Rise

General description

The Raman effect is based on light interacting with the chemical bonds of a sample. Due to vibrations in the chemical bonds the interaction with photons causes specific energy shifts in the back scattered light that appear in a Raman spectrum. The Raman spectrum is unique for each chemical composition and can provide qualitative and quantitative information of the material.

Main technical features
  • Raman spectrometer
  • Correlative microscopy SEM-Raman
  • Laser 532 nm
Sample preparation 

No preparation required

Access conditions

The SEM is situated on the Microscopy & Analysis Facility at Cergy Pontoise University. External users have to contact the head of the facility, Dr Philippe Robion (philippe.robion@u-cergy.fr) or Mai Phuong Ngiem (mai-phuong.nghiem-bui@u-cergy.fr) to discuss project feasibility and approval. A fee will be charged depending of users (Academics or Industry).