Scanning Electron Microscope - Zeiss Gemini S300

General description 

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) scan a sample with a focused electron beam and deliver images with information about the samples’ topography and chemical composition. Wet and hydrated samples (ie biological samples) could be characterized with the use of variable pressure mode and a cryo-stage.

Main technical features
  • Field emission SEM
  • Resolution around nanometer scale
  • Variable pressure
  • Cryostage
  • Detectors : Secondary Electrons in the chamber or in Lense (Topography), Back Scattered Electrons (Chemical Contrast), Energy Dispersive X-Rays Spectroscope (Elemental Analysis), Transmitted Electrons.
  • Correlative microscopy : combination with RAMAN spectroscopy, dual acquisition with confocal microscope.
Sample preparation

To ensure best resolution, samples have to be totally dried (dehydratation with solvent, critical point drying). Nonconductive samples are metallized with a thin layer of gold.

Wet samples, hydrogels… could be placed in the SEM chamber w/o any treatment thanks to VP mode and the cryo stage.

Access conditions 

The SEM is situated on the Microscopy & Analysis Facility at Cergy Pontoise University. External users have to contact the head of the facility, Dr Philippe Robion ( or Mai Phuong Ngiem ( to discuss project feasibility and approval. A fee will be charged depending of users (Academics or Industry).