Frédéric Restagno Frédéric Restagno

Restagno Frédéric

Research Director CNRS
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The research theme in which I am conducting my research is mechanics at the interfaces and the role of the structure of this interface on global behaviour at the macroscopic scale. When two objects (fluid or solid) are brought into contact, the interface constitutes a heterogeneity of the system. If it is possible to effectively and appropriately model flows or deformations of elastic or plastic solids with finite element software, it is always the interfaces that are the source of difficulties and singularity. More specifically, my research focuses on the issues of interfacial sliding of liquids and confined flows, the structure and dynamics of polymers at interfaces, the problems of confined ionic polyliquids and the stability of soap films and the role of physico-chemistry on this stability.

Polymers Interfaces Friction Tribology Nanorheology Soap films Polyelectrolytes Adherence