Research Professor
Scientific Committee

Current positions :

  • Director of Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Department; NANOMOL
  • Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona CSIC
  • IP at the Centro de Investigaciones Biomedicas en Red BBN 
  • Scientific Director of the Instalación Científico-Técnica Singular (ICTS) NANBIOSIS 

Work missions: Main research activities have been focused on functional molecular materials with metallic –transport, magnetism, and optical- properties, supramolecular materials and to the development of molecular nanoscience and nanotechnology. Research wqs also aimed towards the development of new processing methods for structuring functional molecular materials as nanoparticles and on surfaces.

Specific Interests: Design, synthesis, and studies of low-dimensional organic metals, organic superconductors; design, modellization, synthesis, and studies of purely organic and metal-organic molecular-based magnets, high-spin molecules, and single-molecule magnets; supramolecular chemistry, structural studies of organic compounds; organic solid state chemistry; preparation and studies with optically active atropisomeric chiral polymers; synthesis, structural characterization, and physico-chemical studies of free radicals, high-spin molecules, organic ions and ion-radicals, and valence tautomers; organic physical chemistry studies, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of chemical systems and unstable species; electron spin resonance spectroscopy; stereoisomerism, atropisomeric phenomena and chiral recognition in chromatography and dynamic HPLC-chromatography. Development of new crystallization/precipitation techniques for the preparation of organic materials using supercritical and compressed fluids. Biomaterials and nanomedicine.


Organic free radicals and high-spin molecules Nanostructuration Processing of molecular materials Molecular organization Supramolecular materials  Nanomedicine Molecular electronics Molecular nanoscience and technology