Conception de puces pour la capture et l'analyse du contenu de cellules uniques

Master's internship, AAP 2017

Team: BIOMIS, Institut d’Alembert

Project leader : Bruno Le Pioufle

Abstract :

The DIM RESPORE supports a M2 internship, involving the Institut d’Alembert (Bruno Le Pioufle, ENS Paris Saclay), the CNRS LAMBE (Juan Pelta, Université d’Evry) , and INSERM (Philippe Manivet, Hôpital Lariboisière).

The project concerns the fabrication of a microfluidic device for the capture and lysis of rare cells – for instance circulating tumor cells – in human samples. A single cell must be trapped above a solid state nanopore, that will allow the recognition of specific biomarkers, thanks to its functionalization. This project is made in the framework of an ANR project ‘renouveau industriel’.

During the internship, the student will focus on the cell capture by dielectrophoresis, and its electrolysis. The student will optimize the electrical topology of the device, that will be integrated within the microfluidic structure, and will allow the trapping of a single cell from the sample (few microliters) above a nanopore.

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