Régénération de fibres poreuses de charbon actif par le procédé électro-Fento

Valorisation project, AAP 2019-3

Team: Laboratoire Géomatériaux et Environnement

Project leader: Clément Trellu


Activated carbon is widely used in water treatment for the removal of micropollutants. After the adsorption process, the spent activated carbon has to be regenerated in order to ensure the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the process. The objective of the electro-Fenton process is to improve the lifetime of this material. Results obtained at bench scale have highlighted four main advantages of this process, including (i) the in-situ regeneration of the activated carbon, (ii) the degradation and mineralization of desorbed compounds, (iii) the absence of chemical reagents, (iv) the low alteration of the material surface. The objective of this valorization project is to scale up the process for specific applications/market, in collaboration with industrial partners. Particularly, the process will be developed for (i) point-of-use filters for domestic applications, (ii) the removal of organic pollutants from industrial and urban wastewaters. This valorization project is co-funded by Erganeo (formerly SATT IdF)