Assistant professor

I am a member of the "Civil Engineering and Environment" sector made up of 3 UTR "Thematic Research Units". My activities are mainly centered in the "Transfers and Environment" RTU, which concerns transfers (heat, mass or momentum) within a very broad framework aimed at understanding, quantifying and predicting transport (diffusion / convection) in porous building materials.

Since my arrival at LMT-Cachan in September 2013, I continue to work on the theme "modeling of hygrothermal transfers and multi-scale characterization of materials", and I have contributed strongly to : 

  • Development and integration of the biosourced materials theme at the LMT-Cachan laboratory (hygromechanical and hygrothermal characterization & study of their durability)
  • Development of experimental devices on micro-macroscopic characterization of the hygromorphyque behavior of materials by image correlation.
Biobased materials Experimental hygrothermal and morphological characterization X-ray tomography Numerical simulation of coupled heat and moisture transfers in porous materials