Assistant professor

Development and characterization of new materials in the field of construction and their optimization through the understanding of physicochemical mechanisms.

Study of alternative materials more particularly for an application in the building such as :

  • Bio-based materials with mineral or vegetable matrix as insulation or materials for making blocks
  • Recycled eco-aggregates and shellfish co-products for insulating carrier concretes

These low environmental impact materials are porous or create porosity that can alter their hygrothermal properties and durability.

Study of the cement matrix and the evolution of the porosity over time, according to the characteristics of the binder and according to the environmental conditions via experimental methods.

Techniques used: microscopy, volume representation by X-ray microtomography, MIP, BET / BJH method ...

Experimental characterization Cement-based materials Eco-aggregates Biobased Durability Hygrothermal Civil Engineering