Couvreur Patrick

Team leader
Team contact person

The design of polymer or lipid-based nanomedicines for the treatment of severe diseases (ie. cancer and neurological disorders) represents the major challenge of the team. The use of nanotechnologies for theranostic applications and personalized medicine is another field of interest. Employing nanotechnologies for overcoming drug resistance in cancer cells has resulted in the conception of a new nanomedicine (currently in phase III clinical trials). The use of platine based nanotechnologies for the intracellular manipulation of proteins is another domain of interest.

Among the different nanocarriers developed in the Couvreur’s group, nanoparticles made of metal oxide frameworks have been developed for pre-clinical evaluation in cancer and intracellular viral and bacterial diseases.   

Nanomedicine Drug targeting NanoMOFs Cancers Intracellular infections Diseases of the central nervous system Squalene Polymers