Photography Maria Gomez Mingot Photography Maria Gomez Mingot

Gomez Mingot María

Collège de France Researcher

I have expertise in the field of electrochemistry, catalysis and materials, with strong knowledge in the physicochemical and electrochemical characterization of solid and molecular materials for energy storage devices (supercapacitors, electrolyzers) and sensing platforms. Nowadays my efforts turned towards new ways of obtaining energy by processes inspired by photosynthesis and CO2 valorisation. The aim is to study the physicochemical, electrocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic properties of a set of different catalysts for the homogeneous and heterogeneous production of hydrogen, oxygen and reduction of carbon dioxide. During my PhD I also gain a deep expertise on bioelectrochemistry of proteins, in particular, immobilization methods to study electron transfer processes of redox proteins and its modification to mimic oxidative stress changes in vivo.

Electrocatalysis Photocatalysis Nanomaterials Characterization Surface engineering Ionic liquids CO2 reduction