Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Membrane as New Electrolyte in All Solid State Battery (HyME-SSB)

Doctoral allowance, 2020

Team: RMES (LCMCP/Sorbonne Université)

Project leader: Christel Laberty-Robert


This project aims at conceiving clean and secure electrochemical device; the all solid state Li-metal battery. More specifically, it intends to conceive, characterize and evaluate the performances of hybrid organic-inorganic membrane in this device. The developed hybrid membrane is made of Li-ion conducting fibers embedded in a Li-ion polymer matrix. Using this membrane in all solid state battery aims at tuning the Li metal/electrolyte and positive/electrolyte interfaces to augment its cycle life and its performance. This controls will be performed through a fine optimization of the chemical composition at the surface and in the volume of the membrane. A key point concerns the Li+ transport in the membrane and more specifically at the hybrid interfaces. Various characterization techniques (structural, microstructural and electrochemical) will be used to describe the multi-scale transport.