Laboratory of Physicochemistry of Polymers and Interfaces

Renewable energies, Environmental sciences and Safety, Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry

The main LPPI's expertise concerns the Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN) and p-conjugated (macro) molecules (or conductive electronic polymers - EPC) with the specificity of going from the synthesis and physicochemical characterization of materials to their integration in devices, then studied. These skills and our multidisciplinarity allow us to offer innovative solutions, even technological breakthroughs, on transversal and unifying issues requiring structural materials, functional or stimulables. Today this approach is mainly applied to energy storage and conversion issues, to ”stimulable” materials as well as, more recently, the preservation and restoration of material heritage.

Considerations of problems related to the presence of interfaces as well as understanding the mechanisms of materials ageing studied in working condition, are transversal aspects to all our activities. In the same way, electrochemical modeling and characterization are quasi-systematically used tools when a p-conjugated system is present in the material.

Polymers Supercapacitors Electronically conductive polymers Shaping Ionic imprinted polymers Batteries Polyelectrolytes Electrode materials

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