Sallenave Xavier

Senior Lecturer

The three main themes:

- P-conjugated molecules for different optical and electronic functionalities: these may be hole carriers in hybrid dye solar cells (organic or perovskite), absorbent compounds for photopolymerization or used as hosts in organic light-emitting diodes.

- Electrochromic polymers: Their association through devices (displays) is used, by control of the control, to reproduce a wide variety of different colors.

- Surfaces with photo-stimulable wettability: the targeted application is for microfluidics. The control of the surface state obtained by the combination of metal oxide nanoparticles and organic molecules is carried out with a photochemical stimuli. Initial superhydrophobic surfaces (contact angles > 150 with water) are converted to hydrophilic surfaces under UV irradiation (365 nm).

Molecular and macromolecular synthesis Conductive polymers Stimulable systems Electrochromism Supramolecular chemistry