Odile Fichet Odile Fichet

Fichet Odile

LPPI Director
Team contact person

My research mainly concerns the development of "tailor-made" polymer materials with specific properties previously chosen. The synthesis pathways chosen are those of simple networks (thermosetting) and interpenetrating polymer networks (RIP - combination of several polymer networks). Thus, for example:

Electrical insulating materials combining polysiloxane and polyimide have been developed. During these developments, the causes of thermal ageing of materials are systematically studied in order to modify their synthesis to overcome them. When RIP materials contain a polyelectrolyte, they are ionic conductors. Thus, they can be used as a membrane for fuel cells, as a protective membrane for an air electrode in a metal / air battery... When RIPs materials contain a protein gel, the resulting self-supporting, biocompatible, biodegradable materials can then be used in tissue engineering. 

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