Professeur junior

I am interested in applying dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) sensitivity enhancement technique. DNP is the method of choice to study porous materials, including MOFs, because many inorganic components in the MOFs have intrinsically poor NMR receptivity due to low natural abundance of NMR-active nuclei, low gyromagnetic ratios, and have broad lines. My research aims at developing novel intrumentation and methodologies to further enhance the potential of solid-state MAS-DNP. Additionally, I am developing electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy in connection with DNP technique. Among my projects, are the design and building of an EPR spectrometer for the study of paramagnetic metal ions and dangling-bond defects that in MOFs, and to characterize the paramagnetic DNP polarizing agents in order to guide the design of better polarizing agents and ot improve DNP performances.

Dynamic nuclear polarization Instrumentation development EPR spectroscopy solid-state NMR methodology MOF