Organic porosity materials, used as active phase support for heterogeneous catalysis, are at the heart of my scientific activity. These are, on the one hand, zeolites well known for their microporosity and their versatile properties in exchange for ions, adsorption, separation and acid catalysis, but also mesoporous or macroporous oxides (in particular SBA, aluminas with an organized porous system , MCF, etc.) which have larger specific surfaces and / or wider porosities than zeolites. The main application that I am currently developing is the catalytic reforming of methane in the presence of carbon dioxide, in the framework of a European collaboration that I coordinate (SolCare Project), financed by ERANETMED. The stakes are both energy and environmental (valorisation of the compounds of gasification of organic urban waste to produce biofuels).

Zeolites Active phases dispersion Reforming CO2 valorisation