Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface

Team « Matériaux poreux pour la Catalyse »
Renewable energies

The "Porous Materials for Catalysis" team at LRS has an important know-how in the synthesis and post-synthesis modifications of zeolites, mesoporous materials and MOFs for applications in catalysis. Original approaches are used to develop inorganic or hybrid heterogeneous catalysts exploiting the porosity of the supports with the aim of implementing greener chemical reactions or chemical processes that remove pollution.

Major applications include the valorisation of carbon dioxide through the dry reforming of methane and the formation of cyclic carbonates from epoxides. Reforming of ethanol is also studied as well as the removal of VOCs or NOx. The team is also interested in the development of photocatalysts and supported biocatalysts allowing the implementation of total or mild oxidation processes.

Zeolites Mesoporous Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Hybrid materials Heterogeneous catalysis Photocatalysis Gas capture