BioBanking & Analytical systems, Bio-Pathology and Innovative Technologies for Health. INSERM UMR-S942.

Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry

Our team offers all RESPORE’s teams an access to human biological samples and to its medical, technical and scientific expertise in biology. The research carried out by the CRB is focused on the study of cellular communications in physiological and pathological conditions, via rare elements such as extracellular vesicles and circulating rare cells such as cancer stem cells or others (endothelial, fetal, etc.).

The CRB develops bioassays and technologies that allow purifying and quantifying biomarkers into very small quantities of biological fluids or in a single cell or unique vesicle. It also develops methods that allow preserving precious cell samples.

The CRB develops in particular within the framework of RESPORE the protein sequencing in nanopore at the single molecule scale; medels mini organs models in biomimetic 3D collagen matrices; or the elaboration of synthetic supports for the preservation of living cells in polymeric matrices. The tools used are those of biochemistry, cell biology, nucleic acid sequencing, atomic force microscopy, mass spectrometry, cell sorting on cell-sorter.

Design nanopores

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