Laboratory of Biomolecules

Structure and dynamics of biomolecules Team

A large part of the research activity of the team focuses on methodological developments of both liquid- and solid- state NMR spectroscopy. A cutting-edge instrumentation is installed in the lab, which includes an 800 MHz spectrometer with solid-state, liquid-state and micro-imaging capabilities. Moreover, nuclear polarization (DNP) experiments with magic-angle spinning (MAS-DNP)  can be achived, with an sensitivity gain up to 100. Moreover, a dissolution-DNP (DDNP) instrumentation is also available, enabling one to perform solution state experiments with sensitivity enhancements reaching 10000, thereby opening the possibility to perform experiments that cannot be achieved using conventional methods.

In the framework of the RESPORE network, these techniques can be applied to the exploration of various porous media, which are particularly well suited for such studies, by allowing an efficient impregnation of the sample cavities by the radical bearing moiety.

Besides, a synergetic effect between methodological developments and applications can be expected. Tackling additional research areas and kinds of molecular objects that are not yet under study in the team is a strong stimulus for the necessary methodological work.

Nuclear dynamic polarization Nuclear magnetic resonance High fields MAS-DNP Dissolution DNP Relaxometry

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