Baptiste Benoît

Research engineer

X-ray diffraction expert.

Beyond the supervision of the x-ray facilities and the development of news techniques and methodologies in the platform (PDF, microdiffraction, anoxic conditions, combined high pressure and temperature studies…), I’m invested in various research projects for which studies by X-ray diffraction using laboratory equipments as well as synchrotrons (SOLEIL, ESRF, ELETTRA) are essential, for instance :

  • Studies of the structural behavior and of the state of water confined in porous materials (zeolites of ALPO4)
  • Control of molecular compounds exhibiting spin transition under pressure and temperature (molecular switches)
  • Mineralogical studies of meteorites and more particularly of chondritic serpentines
  • Structural studies of precursors in the state of nanometric clusters in the formation of sulphides and iron oxides depending on geochemical conditions
X-ray diffraction Synchrotron radiation