International workshop "Interfaces"


Respore invites you to an interdisciplinary workshop "Interfaces" on Wednesday 18 April from 9h to 13h.

Several international experts from different horizons will be present during this morning:

  • Luisa de Cola (University of Strasbourg)
  • Jaume Veciana (ICMAB, Spain): "Multifunctional nanovesicles for drug delivery applications"
  • Joao Rocha (University of Aveiro, Portugal): "Transition Metal/Lanthanide Silicates and MOFs for Light emission and Health Applications"
  • Annie Colin (CBI, ESPCI) : " Energy harvesting: Conversion of mechanical vibrations into electricity. "
  • Charlotte Martineau (ILV, UVSQ)
  • Felix Zamora (University of Madrid)

All Respore members and young researchers are invited to this workshop.

Place: "Salle des Eléments", Department of Chemistry, ENS Ulm.

To register, contact Claire Galland Zerpa before 11 April.