Composite Photocatalysts very active Under solar Light for water Splitting, and grEen Hydrogen production (PULSE)

Equipment, AAP 2019-2

Team: TEMiC, Laboratoire de Chimie Physique LCP

Project leader: Hynd Remita

The proposed project aims at developing low cost and new composite materials based on mixed oxides and/or conjugated polymer nanostructures (which have strong photocatalytic activity in the visible light region) with MOFs for biomass conversion and green hydrogen production. We propose a promising and innovative way for hydrogen production (an important barrier of the hydrogen network) to promote the development of hydrogen as a future green energy carrier. The composite materials will be characterized by different techniques. A micro-GC will be then purchased.

The photocatalytic activity of the targeted systems will be investigated under UV and visible light excitation by monitoring H2, O2 and other gases such as CO2 and CH4 (in the case of the Biomass conversion) by Micro GC. The systems will be characterized in terms of turnover frequencies, quantum efficiencies and stability.


Collaborations :

PULSE project gathers 3 research laboratories (LCP, LCI (ICMMO), UCP ENSTA ) of different institutions of the DIM (CNRS, Université-Paris-Saclay, ENSTA-IPP) and of different expertise.