Adsorption studies in porous media by isothermal titration calorimetry

Equipement, AAP 2018-2

Equipe : PHENIX

Porteur de projet : Natalie Malikova

Résumé :

The ITC project aims at providing a sensitive tool toward the determination of stochiometric constant as well as thermodynamic values of interacting systems ranging from covalent to electrostatic and hydrogen bonds. This apparatus is of outmost importance in porous and nanostructured systems dispersed into a solvent. Indeed, the ability of molecular to ionic adsorption can be elucidated with accuracy through a titration pathway. As an example, ITC can be relevant to assess the energy of interaction between silica particles and collagen to fine tune the adsorption of these macromolecules on the surface. In the long term, the aim is to provide multi-scale transport models on porous materials.

The consortium (PHENIX, LCMCP, IPCM) will use this ITC apparatus in order to establish interaction constants between nanoparticles and molecular complexes, between natural matrices in the formation of hydrogels precursors, or to analyze the complexation of polyelectrolytes and clays for environmental and energy applications.

This highly efficient technique will be proposed to the RESPORE teams to help researchers gain in quantitative data that could help in the design of diffusion and adsorption models.

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