CNRS Research Director
Co-head of the "Complex Polymer Systems" team
Team contact person
  • Use of porous materials as functional supports in the fields of supported catalysis, chromatography and tissue engineering;
  • Development of crosslinked porous meso materials with modular porosity based on the synthesis of (semi-) interpenetrated networks of polymers as nanostructured precursors;
  • Development of strategies for the synthesis of nanoporous materials with controlled porosity and functionality from semi-degradable diblock copolymers with a well-defined function at the the two-blocks junction;
  • Engineering nanoporous thermostable polymeric materials;
  • Development of doubly porous polymeric materials through miscellaneous approaches (double porogen templating, temperature induced phase separation).
Polymers Nanoporous Doubly porous materials Hybrid materials Hybrid materials based on polymers and inorganic nanoparticles Heterogeneous catalysis Electrospinning