Assistant professor
Team contact person

My interest lies in the multi-scale and multiphysics modeling of porous materials, more specifically the Civil Engineering materials (ie cement-based materials, clay-rich materials, ...).

I am working on multi-technique modeling informed by small scales to establish correlations between the composition, (micro) structure, properties and performance of materials. I use the following techniques in my research :

  • Micromechanical, analytical and numerical homogenization
  • Molecular (molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo) and granular (coarse-grained) simulation

I am particularly interested in the specific effects of ion, water confinement in micro- and mesopores, and mesotexture and their impact on the macroscopic scale (where the scale of industrial applications) compared to the properties transfer, mechanical, thermal and dielectric of the materials of the Civil Engineering.

Multiscale modelling Molecular simulation Micromechanics Cement-based materials Poromechanical