Jean-Pierre Hulin Jean-Pierre Hulin

Hulin Jean-Pierre

Research Director CNRS

Study of the transport and dispersion of solutes and particles or fibres in heterogeneous porous media and rough fractures with oscillating or continuous flows.

- Tracer dispersion in smooth or rough fractures (or heterogeneous porous media) induced by oscillating flows or in dispersion echo experiments (injection followed by pumping). Reversibility of the dispersion of tracers and solutes after a change in flow direction. Comparison with dispersion experiments with only one flow direction. Chenalization effects induced by a shift between complementary rough walls.

- Transport of particle suspensions in a confined fracture geometry with oscillating flows: periodic instabilities of the concentration field and migration of particles into the fracture opening.

- Study of fibre transport in smooth or rough-walled fractures: fibre deformations induced by heterogeneities in the velocity field or obstacles in the opening of the fracture. Oscillating instability of the fibres during their movement with movements of the fibre transverse to the walls or oscillations in the plane of the fracture.

- Flow division and mixing in junctions between flow channels or micro-fluidic circuits. Transition between creeping flow regimes and stationary or time-dependent flows at higher Reynolds numbers.

- Transport properties of heterogeneous rough fractures (permeability, electrical conductivity)

Dispersion Fractures Oscillating flows Suspensions of particles