Research engineer
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My research focuses on understanding synthesis / structure / electrochemical properties relationships. I work specifically on the development of materials for energy (fuel cells, lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries). These materials are synthetized using low temperature solution chemistry. Their structural characterization are performed using usual techniques such as X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy.

Recently, I am interested by the use of porous solids (Metal Organic Framework) as a positive electrode material in lithium-air batteries. Their open framed structure provides not only a host network for the diffusion of lithium ions and a good oxygen diffusion, but also sufficient space for deposition of the products of the discharge.

The use of the nuclear microprobe gives access to qualitative and quantitative analyzes on the distribution of all elements including light elements (H, Li, Na, Mg). It is possible to profile hydrogen distribution in proton-conducting ceramics and then estimate the diffusion coefficient. In the field of batteries, Lithium maps  give access to the areas of immobilization of the latter. In situ analyzes make it possible to visualize in real time the formation of passivation zones.

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) Batteries Electrochemistry