Head of the Molecular Chemistry and Macromolecular Materials Department (C3M)

- Design of porous organic monoliths with tunable surface chemistry within micro-channels (silica, PDMS, COC) applied as catalytic micro-reactors, stationary phases for small molecules separation and sorbents for preconcentration of peptides, proteins, diols, ions…

- Elaboration of polymer nanocomposites based on clay, carbon nanotube, graphene, metal and metal oxide nanoparticles meant to civil engineering, electrocatalysis and sensing of component traces in complex systems.

- Polyelectrolyte multilayer nanoparticles with stimuli-responsive permeability and encapsulation properties meant for drug delivery applications.

Porous polymeric monoliths Hybrid membranes Porous and permeable nanoparticles Surface chemistry Polymer nanocomposites Sensor Microreactors for flow chemistry