Institut Galien Paris-Sud

Protéines et Nanotechnologies en Sciences Analytiques
Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry

1. Development of solid monolithic supports

  • In-situ synthesis and anchoring of monoliths in microsystems (glass or PDMS).
  • Development of affinity-support monoliths (immobilization of metals or IMAC - Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography) towards biomarkers pre-concentration.
  • Monoliths for enzymatic microreactors dedicated to pathologies diagnostics.

2. Use of porous matrices for: (i) silica capillary / microchannel coating, (ii) stationary phases employed in miniaturized separation systems.

3. Evaluation of the interactions between plasma proteins and porous vectors. Characterization of the porous vectors' reactive surfaces towards proteins.


Monoliths Preconcentration Diagnostic Miniaturized separation methods Porous vectors

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