Research lab of Relationship between Extracellular Matrix and Cells E.A 1391

Biomaterial for Health
Health, Welfare, Biotechnologies and Industry

Development of innovative works in biomaterial science, from the conception to the application. Complementarity of molecular, supramolecular and cellular approaches following consideration of the system toward its environment.

Competences of biochemist with complementary know-how in pharmacy, chemistry, cellular biology, enzymology, molecular biology etc.

Pluri, trans and multidisciplinary approaches, at the confluence of biology, chemistry, medicine and engineering, to propose innovative medical devices.

Competencies and know-how in:

Synthesis and characterizations of hybrid materials.

Natural and/or synthetic polyelectrolytes based-thin films or gelified systems.

Development of nanoparticles for drug delivery

Conception of bioinspired adhesive materials.

Specific applications of research in health and well-being. Competencies in chemistry and pharmacy to contribute to the evaluation of vitro safety of the new generation of rupture materials developed in the DIM.

Large activities in teaching and formation, especially at the graduate level, of students involved in master of science and engineering in biomaterial for health.

Biomaterials Biomolecular interfaces Bioactive thin films Biomimetic molecules Hydrogels Biomolecular engineering Protein structure & dynamic Molecular delivery Enzymology Cell response and cell behavior Tissue engineering Bone regeneration Vascular system Wound healing Biofilm Nanoparticles

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