Confocal LASER Scanning Microscope - Zeiss LSM710

General description

Confocal microscope can be used to optically section a material with sub-micron resolution in the lateral and axial planes. The stack images are then analysed to reconstruct the 3D structure of the material.

Main technical features
  • Optical sectioning
  • Topography
  • roughness (according ISO4287)
  • Fluorescence
  • Sub-micron resolution (xy axis : 150 nm, z axis : 350 nm)
Sample preparation

Not required for topography (LASER reflection on surface)

Use of fluorescent probes to characterize biological samples

Incorporation of dye molecules (Rhodamin, Fluorescein…) in porous materials

Access conditions 

The Confocal Microscope is situated on the Microscopy & Analysis Facility at Cergy Pontoise University. External users have to contact the head of the facility, Dr Philippe Robion ( or Mai Phuong Ngiem ( to discuss project feasibility and approval. A fee will be charged depending of users (Academics or Industry).